Why I’m Running

I am running to be your State Representative because Kentucky’s working families have the right to a unified voice. We must ensure that we, as a Commonwealth, act fairly and keep our promises to all state employees now and in the future.

We must be reasonable and address the opioid crisis by focusing on addiction treatment, stand against discrimination of any kind; and  protect the Constitutional rights of all Kentuckians.

Frankfort is a mess. Since last year, the legislature has forgotten about working families, hurt our public schools, stifled our teachers, forgotten about our opioid crisis, and trampled on individual rights.

They have not pursued reasonable solutions. The politicians in Frankfort have unfairly resorted to name calling, questioned the sophistication of anyone who disagrees with them, and accused state employees of hoarding sick days.

Enough is enough!!

If you believe enough is enough, and someone who is fair and reasonable, I would appreciate your vote.